One of the best and most famed activities that Harbour Island in the Bahamas is known for is Scuba Diving and Snorkeling. Such water activities offer a whole new world of things to see that simply are not on land. To truly enjoy the beautiful pictures of the Bahamas coral reefs in person; you must dive in!

From the magical architecture of corals constructed to the breakage of the waves, to the magical wonders of coral polyps rising from the depths in an evening full moon dive; the possibilities of what wonder awaits you is literally under your feet!

A professional and certified dive team and instructor is essential for your dive to go safely. It’s also required by the law. If you go with an unregistered boat; your putting your life at risk.

We recommend these highly skilled and reputable companies to charter your next dive in Harbour Island’s Dunmore town:

Ocean Fox Scuba Diving: (242) 333-2323
Valentines Day Resort and Marina: (866) 389-6864
Manuels Dive Station: (242) 333-4495
Bahamas Ocean Safari: (242) 470-1930
Spanish Wells Charters: (242) 359-7894
Captain and Kid Charters: (242) 557-7351

Dive prices are:

  1. 1 tank dive – $125.00
  2. 2 tank dive – $155.00
  3. Snorkel – $99.00 for adults
  4. Snorkel  – $49.00 for children

You will see vibrant coral colors and shipwrecks as the reef also displays tropical sea life!

You may see these common reef fish:

Sea cucumbers
Sea Snails

In order to see all this marine life in its full splendor; its recommended to take a full day to dive around the reefs off the coast of Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas. Shark diving is also extremely popular. Now divers come from around the globe come to Harbour Island in the Bahamas to sample this unique experience. Everything serves a purpose on the reef. Corals are also visible on the shoal side of the island if calmer waters are preferred for swimming.

Snorkeling also allows one to experience the sea without scuba certification. If you want to scuba and get certified during your stay, you may contact one of the local dive companies to see if classes are available. If you want to experience the reef without using a tank; then a shallow swim with snorkel and fins may just be perfect.