From South Florida:

Hop on board one of the fast-boat ferries from Miami to the Bahamas and arrive in less than an hour! Slower ferries range from 3-4 hour tours. Enjoy the natural beauty of the islands with your loved ones by sea! Natural splendors will be visible along your route, including dolphins, sharks and even possibly a whale! A relaxing boat ride to Harbour Island in the Bahamas truly offers a sense of tranquility you just can’t experience by air!

The length of time it takes to go on a ferry to the Bahamas may actually be faster than flying! Your preference will ultimately depend on a couple factors.

  1. Are you traveling with a large group? This may be the best choice for you, as boarding the boat with more people may lower your fees. It also allows you to keep everyone together
  2. If traveling as a couple, it may be wise to go by sea to enjoy the natural beauty of the Bahamas before you even arrive there!
  3. Children or Pets may feel more secure and comfortable aboard a large vessel over a cramped airplane seat that may or may not be located next to you.

Your trip from one of South Florida’s ports will be easier than flying, as a passport card will be the only requirement by sea to enter the country. By air, one must go through regular customs. For travelers without a temporary card (only valid to American citizens), a regular passport will suffice for port entry.

A ferry ride from Miami to Harbour Island starts at $150.00 each way and can go up to $300.00 plus per person. Be prepared for possible unknown taxes or fees due to entering the Bahamas internationally. Almost all ferries go through Nassau to enter the country; thus being the most popular port of entry.

From Nassau:

Traveling from Nassau to Harbour Island takes about three hours! It is highly recommended that you have all legal documentation on you at all times in case your vessel is boarded by local authorities, or for any other necessities.

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. Situated directly in the middle of the country; Nassau is the main port of entry. It is from Nassau’s port that most travel begins around the country.

All international fees have already been paid prior entering the country, and so moving from Harbour Island to Eleuthera is literally a breeze. Come check out the Bahamas and see how exceptional your tropical vacation can be!