Anchor near a cove or dock at one of the marinas in Harbour Island Bahamas! It’s a great place to anchor for the night. The island also offers calm seas and coves for safe harbor. When approaching the island from the west, you will notice a few areas to enter. The northern side of the anchorage is shallow. It is best to keep more to the center of the channel when entering into the harbor. Also remember to keep your distance from the ferry piers and docks. The risk of damaging your boat while anchoring is possible, so be cautious.

It is necessary to tie your anchor down as tightly as possible to the boat; and to verify that the anchor is also well secured on the bottom of the harbor or cove. If you come loose in the middle of the night, you may not notice until you already out to sea.

Harbour Island’s weather can change in an instant, and it is well advised to watch for any approaching storms. Keeping you boat well tethered is essential for your safety. Make sure your boat is well secured or docked for your safety. If you need further assistance; you can always ask the local marina about any inquiries you may have; especially about an oncoming storm. Anchoring is free of charge in the appropriate designated zone. Docking at port (typing your boat up) comes with a nightly fee based on the size of your vessel.

If you want to learn more information about where to anchor in Harbour Island, feel free to read more about the two main anchorages; Harbour Island Anchorage and Little Bay Anchorage.