Harbour Island Entry Requirements



Depending on what country you reside in the entry requirements for Harbour Island Bahamas including identification and other necessary documentation may vary.  PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of your departure country if you are a single parent traveling with a minor child you are required to present a notarized letter from the parent not traveling permitting the child to travel outside of the country. 

Entry requirements for US Citizens

By Air
Citizens of the United States traveling to the Bahamas by air must present a valid passport when entering and at departure.  Passengers traveling by air must also present a round trip ticket to enter the Bahamas or risk the possibility of being denied entry into the Bahamas.

By Sea
United States citizens traveling to the Bahamas by sea are also required to have a valid passport or passport card and their port of entry and re-entry must be the same.

For current information on regulations for international travel, visit the Travel Section of the US Customs and Border Protection Home Page: http://www.cbp.gov.

Entry requirements for Canadian citizens
The following documents are required for Canadian citizens that travel directly to and from The Bahamas without making a stop in the United States:

  • Proof of citizenship (for instance an official birth certificate)
  • Valid photo ID (for instance a driver’s license)

Canadian citizens that enter The Bahamas through the United States need a valid passport as well as a return or onward journey ticket and proof of funds to support the visit which may not exceeding 21 days.

It is suggested that all Canadian citizens carry a Canadian passport when visiting The Bahamas. Canadian citizens returning to Canada who present documents other than a Canadian passport may face delays or even be denied boarding.

Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at: www.bahamas.gov.bs and refer to the section on “Foreigners Traveling to The Bahamas”.