Navigating the waters of the Bahamas is not as dangerous as it looks. Simply follow your GPS and it should guide you safely around any shallows or reefs. Most modes of transportation on the waters from Nassau to Harbour Island are now traveled by high end sports fishing vessels. If you want to know how to get to Harbour Island from Nassau; there’s a few things you’ll need to know.

Since your simply hopping around from island to island, the possibility of the need to present your passport on the island upon arrival is unlikely. However, the chances of being stopped by Bahamian customs officials on the way to the Harbour Island is very real. Even at port of entry, it is advised to always keep your documentation readily available and safely secured.

Nowadays, speed boats are the ultimate choice to charter in order to reach Nassau comfortably. Navigating the waters of the Bahamas requires an experienced captain, or a built in GPS that will help you steer your way to your final destination safely with coordination and care.

Recommendations for traveling from Florida Nassau to Harbour Island requires following specific protocols in order to get your vessel there safely. Depending on the size of your group, the size of the boat matters! Such key factors as having a bathroom, a cabin or air conditioning system to keep your guests comfortable can all play a factor in deciding what’s the best vessel to use for your voyage.

Also embarking on your journey with all necessary safety precautions is a must!; including checking the weather. You simply cannot put your passengers lives at risk by heading out into a storm. If foul weather happens to damper your vacation, be cautious to anchor or dock at a nearby cove until the storm passes. The weather plays a pivotal role in crossing safely and enjoying your trip.

The boat must be large enough and built well to handle the open ocean. The boat also must be large enough and heavy enough to safely carry the equipment and supplies you’ll need for your trip. Boats built to make offshore fishing trips are usually excellent choices, with center consoles built for blue-water deep sea fishing and also access to shallow waters.

Speed is also an important factor in your travels to the islands. A boat traveling at six knots you will probably half a day going from one island to the next. If your traveling 25 knots, you can probably get to that same island in about 40 minutes!

Planning all of these factors so your trip is safe and secure is essential to have a great vacation in Harbour Island in the Bahamas.