Boating around Harbour Island in the Bahamas is more than just a leisurely day activity, it’s a lifestyle!  When boating around the island, it is highly recommended that you follow all maritime rules and regulations as adhered to in the Islands of the Bahamas.

Activities for boating are varied; with many options of water activities. Afterall, you are in the Bahamas!

Active water sports outdoors include:

  1. Scuba Diving
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Brownie F3-90X free diving.
  4. Deep Sea Fishing
  5. Bottom Reef Fishing
  6. Wakeboarding
  7. Water Skiing
  8. Sailing
  9. Surfing
  10. Jet Packing (fly above the reef)
  11. Shark Diving
  12. Parasailing
  13. Pig Beach (Swim with the pigs)
  14. Stingray Swim
  15. Dolphin Swim

Harbour Island is an official port of entry, so you won’t have to make any more stops with customs officials. As you sail into local waters, fly your yellow quarantine flag and put in a call to Harbour Control on VHF Radio Channel 16.

A customs or immigrations official will meet you at the dock to review your paperwork and have everyone on board fill out immigration forms. Only the captain will be allowed to leave the boat. Once the boat has gained clearance, and the $150 to $300 (USD) fee for a cruising permit, fishing permit, and the departure fee has been paid, you’re free to sail about the Bahamas for up to 90 days.

Of course, you probably won’t spend 90 days at a resort in the Bahamas, but you may sleep onboard your boat! If such accommodations are comfortable, your visit to sleep overnight in the Bahamas may just be a dock slip fee.

Harbour Island boasts two marinas, the Harbour Island Yacht Club and Valentines Marina. Each has accommodating facilities to keep your boat running safely and smoothly. Services at the docks include:including fuel, cleaning supplies, bathrooms with showers, restaurants, bars, shopping, hotel rooms, and more.

Remember to enjoy all the gorgeous natural scenery that Harbour Island offers its patrons safely and in the comfort of your own boat! All Harbour Island residents are big on boating, so please be cautious as their may be more boat traffic than usual during the high season.