Cell Phones:

Many US and Canadian cell phone companies offer some forms of roaming agreements with Batelco, the GSM national cellular operator in the Bahamas. During your stay, your phone will most likely work, however the rates are approximately $3.00 per minute plus tax for all incoming and outgoing calls.

It is highly recommended that you purchase a local SIM card or an inexpensive GSM handset. Rates are between $0.15-$0.33 per minute for local calls; incoming international calls are about a dollar more.

To save on roaming fees; purchase a prepaid Bahamas sim card. The sim card works on all unlocked GSM phones. Sim cards and airtime credit can be purchased online before your departure or at a local cell phone carrier.

Calling Cards:

Another option may be a good old fashioned calling card. You must remember that Sam’s Club and AT&T cards do not work in the Bahamas. You should purchase a local credit card to make calls from a pay phone. A better and more modern option are swipe cards; which can be used throughout the downtown area of Harbour Island. Please read the instructions on the card, as some phones require you to hit the # sign to connect.

Bahamian Area Code:

The Bahamas uses the Area Code 242. The local phone system is usable, but not up to par with Canada and the USA. Calls from hotel rooms are usually very expensive, it’s recommended to use lobby payphones or concierge services when making local reservations. Local calling cards available in the Bahamas are Indigo Run in and BTC.