Certificate of Registration



All non-Bahamians that purchase real estate in Harbour Island Bahamas are required to obtain a Certificate of Registration with the Bahamas Investment Authority for their purchase. This includes homes, vacation homes, condominiums and/or vacant land.

A Bahamas Certificate of Registration is required if you are;
Non-Bahamian acquiring an interest in land or a condominium to be used as an owner-occupied property, provided that such land is undeveloped and it is less than two adjoining acres.

  • Permanent Resident of the Bahamas.
  • Non-Bahamian acquiring an interest in land under a devise or by inheritance.
  • Non-Bahamian acquiring an interest in land by virtue of any court order or as a mortgagee.
  • Non-Bahamian acquiring leasehold interest for trade or business for a period greater than 21 years.

The Applicant must pay an application fee of BS$250.00, this can be paid at the Public Treasury. If accessing this service from a Family Island, the requisite fee may be paid at the Public Treasury offices on Grand Bahama or Abaco.

Turn-around time
Once all documents are received, The Bahamas Certificate of Registration is prepared within 30 days.

*There are no deadlines for this service.

Supporting Documents

  • Copy of Government Identification including a Passport, Driver’s Licence, etc.
  • Written confirmation (pursuant to the Financial Transactions Reporting Act, 2000) that due diligence has been completed to meet “Know Your Customer” (KYC) requirements alnh with a copy of completed KYC form.
  • A certified current police record (or Sworn Affidavit where applicable) from country of residence.
  • A current character reference.
  • Copy of the site plan for the land being purchased.
  • Proof of Bahamas Immigration Status.
  • Social security number or national identification number
  • Real property tax assessment number
  • Proof of payment of real property tax
  • A copy of the certificate of incorporation registration in the Bahamas is required, if the applicant is a Bahamian registered company
  • A current financial reference.
  • Source of wealth. If self-employed, you just state in which field and provide proof.
  • Complete Copy of relevant conveyance with evidence that the appropriate amount of stamp duty has been paid.
  • A copy of the receipt showing payment of fee to the Public Treasury.

Download Bahamas Certificate of Registration here

For questions or more information regarding a Bahamas Certificate of Registration for real estate in Harbour Island Bahamas, contact the Bahamas Investment Authority as Administrative Arm of the Investments Board at:

4th Floor Cecil Wallace-Whitfield Centre
Cable Beach
P. O. Box CB-10980
New Providence
The Bahamas
Tel. (242) 327-5826-9
Fax. (242) 327-5806
Email: bia@bahamas.gov.bs