Charter an airplane for a quick 15 minute flight from Miami to the Islands of the Bahamas. With many competitive charter airlines to choose from, selecting your first choice of who to fly with should be based on:

  1. The age of the airplane.
  2. Safety record.

Almost all chartered airlines in the Bahamas and Miami have stellar aviation records. Getting to Harbour Island Bahamas with your family on a private airplane will help your vacation take off in style.

We recommend the following airlines when chartering a flight to (or from) the Islands of the Bahamas:

  1. Bahamas Hoppers – 242-335-1650
  2. Trans Island Airways – 954-727-3377
  3. Monarch Air Group – 954-359-0059
  4. Executive Jet Management – 1-800-451-2822
  5. Silver Airlines – 844-538-3515
  6. Evo Jet – 1 415 404 6133
  7. Bahama Air Tours – 772-318-4421

Sea Plane:

  1. Sea Bird – (242) 362-1224

When service is offered by season, fly:

  1. American – 1 800-443-7300
  2. Delta – 1 800-221-1212

You should explore all your options before finalizing your booking to make sure your travel companions are content with your charter company. Once you’ve arrived, your luggage and personal items will be taken off the plane and you will catch a short taxi ride to Spanish Wells dock, on the northern tip of Eleuthera. The fee should be no more than $25.00 to get to the docks by cab.

From there, you’ll take a five minute ferry ride to Harbour Island. Hop on a golf cart and take a spin by the beautiful Bahamas vacation homes and resorts on the island to your final destination; your Harbour Island rental. Enjoy the local history, scenic natural surroundings and weather that beautiful Harbour Island offers to tourists and locals alike year round!

Reasons to fly on a chartered flight:

  1. Convenience of Flying from your nearest Airport in Southern Florida.
  2. Fly on your own schedule and skip the lines.
  3. Access the outer islands of the Bahamas.
  4. Cost effective for large groups.
  5. Limited Security checks compared to a standard airport/flight.
  6. Travel with your pet!

Enjoy one of the internationally top 10 rated small islands in the world, Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Come and see why so many people love to visit this little slice of paradise!