Planning a vacation in Harbour Island, Bahamas? Be well prepared and have your documentation in order when entering the country. Bahamas Customs & Immigration officials will be waiting for you upon arrival to greet you with a friendly island smile when entering the country.

Upon entering the country, every person must sign an immigration form. You will keep this form until your departure. You may also be asked to declare any items you are bringing into the country; including tobacco and alcohol; and no firearms allowed. You must declare certain items that are required by customs to be notified of before entry.

Each adult visitor is allowed to bring the following into the Islands of the Bahamas:

1. 50 cigars
2. 2 10 packs of cigarettes cigarettes (equal one pound of tobacco)
3. One quart of wine or spirits.
4. Any personal items such as cell phones, bicycles, etc.)

Non-residents: can only enter with tobacco and alcohol of a maximum value of $100.00

Residents: can only enter with up to $300.00; if not already claimed on two previous occasions during the same calendar year. If you return after a year or more; you are allowed $500.00 per person. All beer imported into the country is taxed at $10 per gallon and $18 per case. All arriving passengers are allowed purchases up to $100 worth of beer.

Arms and Ammunition regulations: All firearms and ammunition is prohibited unless holding a police permit.

Additional Information on regulations:
For all agricultural products, you must apply to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for any declaration to seek allowance of your favorite plant.

Departure: US Residents can visit the US Customs and Border Protection website for more information.