Need to get from your flight to your hotel on the next island? Hop on a private or public ferry service to access Harbour Island from Eleuthera. Taxi and private car services are available to get you to your destination; the harbour! Once you have arrived at the marina, it is wise to find a local water taxi or ferry to Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Ferry services should cost no more than $5.00 one way. If with a larger group, the driver may offer you a discount for his services due to the boatload of people. However, if your just a couple, expect to wait around half an hour for the next water taxi.

Water taxis are the preferred method of transportation around the Islands; with many locals opting for a quick taxi ride over a larger, slower vessel. The taxis cost around $5.00 dollars per person from Eleuthera to Harbour Island. A reservation is not necessary; as taxis run all day starting at 7 AM and return every hour.

A private vessel also may be the better option if traveling with a large group. Such larger boats are usually staffed with a crew to help you and your luggage get on board. Be cautious that your payment may be higher due to a larger head count; larger sized vessel, or a set price for everyone may be possible.

Bahamas Ferries is another excellent option to get to Harbour Island from Eleuthera. The large ferries can carry over a hundred people to any destination in the Bahamas.

When you have arrived on Harbour Island in the Bahamas, you can get a golf cart for around $40-50 dollars. During high season, this price is pretty fair; and it will last you for your entire trip. You can catch one of these Eco-friendly rides to your hotel accommodation; with seating for 2-6 people.