The drinking water in hotels on Harbour Island Bahamas is quite different than that of Eleuthera. Eleuthera offers a desalination plant with purified water, whereas drinking water on Harbour Island is either collected rain water or privately desalinated at resort properties.

The water that comes out of the sink is simply not safe to drink. Sometimes the color may even be brown and have a salty odor to it. It is advised not to drink it while taking a shower.

Bring your own bottled water from the mainland or local grocer. It is of grave importance not to drink the local tap water due to its chemical imbalances and harmful bacteria’s that foreigners may not be accustomed to. Many natives drink the local water, but it is ill advised due to its incorrect (for you) mineral content being unique only to the Bahamas.

Harbour Island rentals use the local water for boiling and showering, but not for drinking. Desalinated water is also usable, but not drinkable unless boiled. For drinking water, we recommend you purchase either a 1 gallon or 5 gallon bottles available in stores throughout town. Prices for a bottle ranges from $3-5 dollars for five gallons.

Please don’t risk your health by drinking cistern water. Some people drink cistern water with no issues; but that is due to their bodies acclimating to the native environment. You can still use cistern water for cooking , coffee, and ice cubes,… just be sure to boil the water.