Dunmore Town was established by British Governor John Murray; who was the 4th Earl of Dunmore in 1786. He arrived to Harbour Island in the Bahamas with a few dozen settlers and lasted only ten years due to the hardships of island life. The British resettled the islands pink sands beaches. Half a century later they permanently made it their home. The capitol city was named Dunmore Town in honor of its founding father and governor.

Due to rapid development with over 160 lots being plotted out in 1796, it was pivotal that the towns economy grow from piracy and corruption to agriculture and eventually tourism. The islands’ laid back atmosphere, Pink Sands Beaches, and crystal clear waters make this distinctly unique island in the Bahamas all the more desirable.

The town has continued to grow over the 20th century, and currently has over 1,200 current full time residents on the island. Primary economic growth was key to the British continuously occupying the island with success, unlike some other failed colonies in the West Indies.