You should purchase a converter when traveling to Harbour Island. An adapter is necessary in order to use any appliances while on vacation. Hotels on the island may have 220 volt electrical sockets and possibly some of the vacation homes too. For safety’s sake, we suggest calling the hotel or home owner prior to your arrival to verify if the property is running electricity through 120 volt or 220 volt sockets. Plugging in an item that does not match the voltage can not only damage what you plug in; but you can electrocute yourself too during the process.

Most residences on the islands have 220 volts of electrical wattage. Call your Harbour Island rental in the Bahamas ahead of time to find out what type of voltage is used at the property.

Electrical service in Harbour Island is generally reliable and secure. The power plant located in Downtown Harbour Island was upgraded in November 2016. However, many of the resort hotels and some of the vacation home rentals do have their own generators; incase of emergencies. To make sure your visit is as comfortable and safe as possible, you should inquire whether the property has back up generators, and what items may not work during your stay (hair dryer, curler, computer cord, etc.)

To learn more about what type of power adaptors and electrical outlets you will use in the Bahamas, please check international guidelines.