Flying in and out of Eleuthera’s airport is easier now than ever! Eleuthera used to be a remote and almost inaccessible island paradise. Thanks to new flight connections and ferry options; flying or boating to Eleuthera and Harbour Island has never been so simple.

When entering the Bahamas, you must pass through customs and immigration officials before you can get your feet in the sand. Once you have cleared customs; you will either need to get a flight from Nassau, or a short ferry ride from Nassau or Eleuthera to Harbour Island.

The distance may make this trip seem long; but getting from one island to the next only takes 20 minutes by plane and an hour or so by boat. The scenery is so fantastic from either mode of transportation that you won’t even notice the time passing by.

The airport itself recently went a slight remodel in relevance to Nassau Airport. The facilities are modern enough for your more common expectations to be met. Once at the airport, you will not have to go through customs again. This process was already successfully completed in Nassau upon arrival.

If you need further information about how to get to Eleuthera airport, contact your travel agency or inquire with your booking company.