In order to get to Harbour Island from Eleuthera, one must catch a connecting public ferry to the island. Another option could be a private boat. The boat ride takes roughly 10 minutes from North Eleuthera, and an hour from south Eleuthera to Harbour Island. This is the easiest connection due to the fact that Harbour Island is so close by.

If you are south of the Glass Window Bridge coming from southern Eleuthera, you must cross it. It is a relatively narrow bridge but very safe considering how it looks. When crossing, you will note navy blue water on the right and turquoise blue water on the left. This literally splits the calm of the channel to the ocean side. Proceed slowly and with caution over the bridge, as it may be very windy or too high a tide; allowing the waves to wash out the bridge.

To reach the Harbour Island by water taxi, follow the signs from the Queen’s Highway to the North Eleuthera Airport. Continue past the airport down the road and you will find a dry dock with water taxis awaiting you. The taxi ride costs five dollars per person.