Harbour Island in the Bahamas offers fantastic festivals and day/evening events for your family and friends to truly be a part of the local vibe. From annual events to seasonal, the opportunity to enjoy the culture and vibrant lifestyles of the Bahamas is readily available for your pleasure. From a traditional fish fry to junkanoo dancing, Harbour Island in the Bahamas has all types of fun entertainment!

Depending on what season you want to enjoy a vacation rental in the Bahamas, their are different events going on constantly. Below are some of the major events that occur on Harbour Island in the Bahamas by month:

January – New Years Eve at Government Dock

March – Commonwealth Day Celebration

Jan-March – Every Saturday Fish Fry

April – House tour to benefit daycare center

              Eleuthera All that Jazz Festival

              Whit Monday (First Monday)

June – Bahamas Bill Fish Tournament

              Deep Creek Conch Fest (6th-10th)

              Pineapple Festival (6th-9th)

              Farmers Market (Saturdays)

              Bahamas Poker Run (29th)

July –  Independence Day (10th)

              Fisherman’s Fest (19th-20th)

              Farmers Market (Saturdays)

              Green Castle Haulers Festival (10th-14th)

              All Eleuthera Regatta (1st-2nd)

August – Farmers Market (Saturdays)

                   Back to the Bay (1st-5th)

September – Rock Sound Sailing Regatta (Sept 21st-23rd)

October – North Eleuthera Regatta (4th-11th)

November – Harbour Time Fest (3rd-4th)

December – Junkanoo parade and Christmas celebrations

                         Annual Tree Lighting and Music in the Garden (2nd)

Most island celebrations in Harbour Island include Junkanoo rush-outs, cultural/fashion shows, live band performances, Bahamian crafts and food and drinks.To learn more about local festivities and events, feel free to contact the Harbour Island Tourist Agency at (242) 333-2621.