Harbour Island is the country’s prettiest island in the entire nation of the Bahamas. Its 18th-century houses with watercolors that look like a monet painting line the narrow streets. Purple morning glories and sky-blue plumbagos spill over British white picket fences. The smell of the sea splashes into the air to start your day.  Visitors to the Bahamas and Harbour Island wish to take advantage of this epic serene environment. Celebrities know the island well; being some of the first visitors to the Island because of its remoteness.

Being such a secluded resort destination, only the privileged could enjoy this island paradise… until now! Harbour Island has seen its list of famous visitors over the years grow; with access to for the average tourist only now becoming a commonplace reality.

Everyone who is anyone has visited the Bahamas for a tropical vacation getaway. Visitors like Jennifer Aniston to Cameron Diaz, Will Smith and Bill Gates have all been guests in Harbour Island. Celebrities have enjoyed the private resorts and home rentals for years without seeing another soul on the beach.

These luxurious resorts and amenities that are all too common for the rich and famous can be yours to enjoy. High end rentals and resorts are available all seasons due to the gorgeous tropical weather. With limited rental availability, it is highly recommended that you reserve at least 4 months in advance so as not to compete with any celebrities that may want to rent the same home.