The fashion industry of Harbour Island in the Bahamas offers lite fared designer clothes meant for the beautiful tropical weather of the islands. Dunmoretown offers local shopping venues with the latest trending beachwear. From classic styles to the newest designs, the colors of Harbour Island’s reef comes alive in the styles of local and international named brands. You’ll simply find things here you won’t see anywhere else.

Designers like Diane von Furstenberg and India Hicks come to this island for inspiration. Harbour Island’s resorts also offer private shops with high end boutiques and fashion designers labels. Reference your Harbour Island map and take a walk downtown to check out the shopping district.

Dress your family in island style; with soft materials like cotton and linens to dress comfortably and in the latest local styles. If you want the best fashions to choose from for your family photos in the Bahamas, check out the local stores of the Bahamas and Harbour Island.

Below are some of the most popular shops you may want to explore during your stay in Harbour Island Bahamas.

  1. Sugar Mill Bay St 333.2173 (High End Women’s Clothing and Accessories.
  2. Miss Maes Dunmore St 333.2002 (High End Women’s Clothes and Accessories
  3. Lemmie’s Secret Nesbitt St. 333. ( Mid Level Women’s Clothes
  4. Blue Rooster King Street 333.2240 (High End Women’s Clothes)
  5. Silver Dollar King St 333.2342 (Mid Level Women’s Clothes)
  6. Bahamian Straw Markets (Located all along Bay St)
  7. Pink Sands Boutique Pink Sands Hotel Chapel St 333.2030 (Resort Shop)
  8. Valentine’s Boutique Valentine’s Yacht Club Bay St 333.2142 (Resort Shop)