Ferry service to Harbour island from Nassau or Eleuthera makes your trip to Harbour Island a breeze. Bahamian Ferry Services offer large spacious vessels capable of accommodating hundreds of people a day from one island to the next.

Make sure to catch your ferry on time and not to leave any items on board before embarking. The ferry schedule from Nassau to Harbour Island departs from the terminal on Potter’s Cay in Nassau around 8 AM, and stops at Spanish Wells in Eleuthera at 10:30 AM and Harbour Island at 11:00.

It departs at 3:30 PM to go back to Nassau around 6:30 PM. The boat that goes to Harbour Island’s resorts in the Bahamas is a catamaran at over 80 ft. long and holds up to 400 passengers. Be sure not to miss your ride, as it may be almost full before you arrive. It may take several hours for another ferry to depart. There is also a route that goes from Nassau to Governor’s Harbor. The fast ferry fee is around $150 round trip from Nassau. You will need to check the day of departure to see when the boat sets sail; as it can fluctuate based on demand and the weather conditions.