From Europe, the best way to get to Nassau in the Bahamas is to fly via British Air or Virgin Air and catch a connecting flight to Eleuthera.

Flying to the Bahamas from Paris usually arrive in Miami or Fort Lauderdale in the early afternoon for a connecting flight. American customs should have you in and out relatively quickly. Arriving at customs usually takes about 45 minutes; so plan carefully as to how much time you’ll need to connect flights. It is highly recommended to give yourself at least a one hour time frame to pass through customs and transfer to your connecting flight.

Recommended flights from Miami to Nassau/Eleuthera:

American Airlines
Bahamas Air

For Domestic flights:

1 Pineapple Air (recommended)
2. Southern Air
3. Bahamas Air

Direct flights from Miami to the Bahamas are most preferred, although connecting flights through New York or Atlanta are also available at a slightly lower price. If you plan on arriving during winter months, remember to leave your sweater and gloves behind! All you will need is sunscreen, a shirt and some sandals. A carry on should suffice for your trip. If bringing more luggage, do not over pack! Airlines have become more strict with weight policies, at no more than 50 lbs.

Is it essential that your trip be thoroughly planned before you go! Once you arrive, you will take a short ride to the docks for five dollars, and transfer to Harbour Island via ferry at Spanish Wells. Have another 5 dollars readily available per person for the five minute water taxi ride to Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Once you’ve arrived, you may never want to leave!

Your flight from Florida to Nassau only takes around 45 minutes. From there you will connect via Bahamasair, Pineapple air, or Southern Air to reach Eleuthera. From Eleuthera to Harbour Island, you must take a taxi from Spanish Wells. To get to Spanish Wells, you go from the Eleuthera Bahamas airport north on the Queens Highway till you arrive at the docks with water taxis to Harbour Island. To do so requires passing over the “Glass Bridge”, a narrow natural land bridge connecting the southern portion of Eleuthera to the north.

Once you arrive at the docks on the northern tip of the island; you can connect on a 5 minute ferry ride to Harbour Island. The cost should only be around $5 dollars per person. Welcome to the Bahamas! The adventures of a lifetime await you!