The Glass Window Bridge is one of Eleuthera’s most popular attractions to visit. Many times referred to as the “thinnest road in the world”, the bridge is located just North of Gregory Town on the Northern end of Eleuthera. The man-made bridge took the place of a naturally formed bridge of rock that was destroyed by a hurricane.

From the bridge, you can see the strong contrast between the navy blue Atlantic Ocean and the peaceful turquoise waters of Caribbean Sea. The colors of the water are truly spectacular! Be extremely cautious when visiting the bridge surrounding cliffs.

Rogue waves have been known to hit the bridge unexpectedly and wash over the entire bridge. Since there are no immediate reefs along the ocean side to break up these rogue waves. As they hit the shore, the waves sometimes crash along the coastal rocks with great force. They have been known to toss people and cars into the sea over the many years of its history. 

The Glass Window Bridge is currently in need of a major overhaul. The bridge has literally been moved by hurricanes over the years. For now, temporary repairs have been made on the structure, and travel across the bridge is limited to one crossing per vehicle. Please be cautious when visiting Eleuthera’s Glass Window Bridge.