Harbour Island in the Bahamas offers a multitude of activities to explore and try new things for your first to the island. Although there’s much to do and see, the reality is that you may not want to do anything at all! Exploring Harbour Island is just the beginning of your trip, with the surrounding islands also available at your disposal.

The local area is famous for its perfect stretch of pure soft pink sands beach in Harbour Island. It is truly an uncrowded, unspoiled pristine environment. Such an ideal location is the perfect place for true remote relaxation. Add our laid-back island vibe and you would think you’ll get bored! Such interest in doing nothing really interests folks wanting to get away from their hectic daily lives. Long known by fishing and boating enthusiasts, Harbour Island Bahamas rentals offer all the luxuries of home with an outdoor haven for water sports enthusiasts. Harbour Islands weather offers the perfect temperature for activities that range from relaxing to adventurous. Whatever pace you wish to take, the islands of Harbour and Eleuthera have plenty to do on your schedule.

With the beautiful azure waters of the Atlantic out on the horizon, colorful coral reefs with tropical aquatic life begs to be explored. Try your island driving by zipping around on your own golf cart. Watch roosters scurry around while you sip on a local island cocktail. Take a try at sailing, hit the jet skis, or jump into a secluded cove with your significant other. Visit the Lone Tree, or go on an inland excursion down centuries old street to see the island from its higher points of interest. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is what to do first!

Activities that can be added to your vacation’s itinerary include:

  1. Horseback riding
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Scuba Diving
  4. Parasailing
  5. Wakeboarding/Skiing
  6. Jet Ski rental
  7. Shark Diving
  8. Golfing (Eleuthera)
  9. Pink Beach bathing/Sun Tanning
  10. Fishing (Deep Sea/Reef)
  11. Swim with Dolphins (Eleuthera)
  12. StingRay Swim
  13. British Colonial Architecture (19th century)

An exciting adventure awaits you in Eleuthera and Harbour Island Bahamas. From exploring beautiful Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island; to a snorkel out on Devils Backbone Reef; the options of things to see and explore are endless.