Harbour Island Bahamas weather



Harbour Island Bahamas weather is truly magnificent all year round. With the exception of an occasional rain shower in the late afternoon, it’s sunny 340 days out of the year.  And, in late winter and spring there is hardly any rainfall at all. The temperature in Dunmore Town averages 74° in the winter, 78° in the spring and fall, and 83° in the summer. With only a 20° difference in temperature from summer to winter there’s no off-season which means it’s never too hot or too cold to visit Harbour Island. 

Harbour Island, Bahamas

Officially the hurricane season is from June through November but don’t let that impact your travel dates. Hurricanes are very rare in the Out Islands and are much more likely to pass to the west and head towards the US. 


Average Water Temperatures
The ocean water along the shoreline of Harbour Island ranges from 74° in the winter to 88° in the summer.  Even during the months of January and February the water rarely goes below 72°. With an average temperature of 80 the water is perfect for swimming, diving and other water sports 360 days a year.