Horseback Riding in the Bahamas is truly special; and every visitor to Harbour Island in the Bahamas should try it at least once! Riding such a majestic animal as a full grown steed in not only fun, its spectacular! Imagine riding your horse into the crashing waves of the Atlantic ocean; galloping along the surf with a serene sunset in the background. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

If your a novice rider, you should follow all instructions given to you by the guide. He will show you how to handle and ride the horse with a guided collective group. If your a more experienced rider; you can do whatever you like. The choices of trails are also limitless. If you want to see the interior of the island along the hill; you can explore through hidden palm tree covered pathways. If you wish to see the most exceptional sunset in all of the Bahamas; enjoy a sunset ride along the Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas.

Horseback Riding companies that can be reached for reservations nearby include:

  1. BB’s Horseback riding is a great choice for your friends and family excursions. Not only do they provide all the training you’ll need; but they offer private lessons for beginners. They can be contacted at – Phone: 1 242-359-7759.
  2. OceanView Farms is also a fantastic option when booking a horseback riding adventure; be it daytime or sunset. They also offer full horse trail packages and training classes for less experienced riders. Phone: 1 242-332-3671

Horseback riding on Harbour Island in the Bahamas is a casual and fun way to introduce yourself to the island, and BB’s Horses and Stables is the only way to experience it. They can accommodate groups of four, with children over seven years old on horseback. Younger children are walked on the horses. Adding the swim component to the tour is optional. If your planning on staying at a Bahamas Harbour Island Rental, make sure to see if a horseback riding package option or credit is included.