Hurricane season can ruin a vacation. Not only is a storm intimidating, but it’s downright dangerous! When a hurricane does hit the Bahamas, it usually shuts down the islands for 1-2 weeks; so it’s best to not be there when it happens.

Besides being an inconvenience riding out a storm, it can be somewhat dangerous depending on your rental circumstances and how well prepared the residency is where you are lounging. Staying for a hurricane is never recommended nor taken lightly to evacuate. However, when the circumstances arrive, it is best advised to get out of town.  

If a hurricane affects your travel dates before arrival, we can gladly help you arrange your trip for different dates. If you are on the island when a storm hits, we highly recommend leaving before it arrives. Staying during a hurricane not only puts your life at risk, its endangering the lives of your loved ones too.

Your travel dates should be excellent otherwise; even during hurricane season (so long as you watch the weather). Accommodations are flexible in helping you out in case their is not enough time to vacate before the storm hits. In this case, we recommend hunkering down and preparing for the storm as best as possible.

Hurricanes have become a norm for local Bahamians, but not for tourists visiting the island. If your vacation happens to encounter a hurricane, be prepared for any matters that may arise. Travel companies will do their best to work with you during such a crisis.