Lone Tree Harbour Island


The Lone Tree Harbour Island

The lone tree is a mystery in itself. It arrived years ago during Hurricane Andrew and never left! The tree itself is no longer alive, although it’s trunk is speculated to be over 50 years old! As you pull up to the island, you’ll see a large tall standing eerie looking figure in the distance. As your observe it more closely, you will note it’s actually a large tree.

This piece of driftwood that stands alone on the sand, creating an epic photo that every visitor to the Bahamas must take! It is like a beautiful sculpture rising out of the sandy beach with nothing but water surrounding it in all its glory. Some say it was once a nut fruiting tree; but most believe it is a species of native pine.

Local legend has it that the tree slid down a nearby hill; while others contest it was blown over from a neighboring island. Interestingly, the tree rooted upright and has been that way since its arrival. During high tides, the tree shifts position and can change its stature based on the trade winds.

It has since become a famous landmark and distinctive remnant of the island’s history. The tree has become a prominent feature in many photo shoots for commercials, magazine ads and weddings.