Loyalist cottage is truly the most photographed and most famous house in the Bahamas. Its construction began in 1797, and is well known to all who visit the island due to its turquoise and white facade with an 18th century roof. This home is considered one of the very first structures built by British settlers in Harbour Island. With its clapboard accents, picket fence and delicate trim, it is the supreme example of loyalist colonial architecture for that time period.

Many tourists make Loyalist house their first stop when they’ve arrived to Harbour Island. The homes unique stature made its historical significance noteworthy to the Bahamian government. It was quickly recognized by the Bahamian National Trust as worthy of preservation. The home has been carefully restored over countless hurricanes and salt water damages; still standing strong.

A walk through the cottage is a step back in time; making the experience ever so magical for young ones and history buffs. Standing identical to its 200 year old homage, the property displays the living character of its British colonial past.

Visit the Loyalist Cottage today to further indulge in the unique history of Harbour Island for all your personal enjoyment.