When cruising to the Bahamas, you used to see old sailboats and trawlers between the Florida straits and the islands of the Bahamas. But nowadays, speed boats are the ultimate choice to charter in order to reach Nassau comfortably. Getting to Harbour Island requires an experienced captain, or a built in GPS, that will help you steer your way to your final destination safely.

Recommendations for traveling from South Florida to the Bahamas requires following specific protocols in order to get your vessel there safely. The boats size, depending on your group size, is of great importance. Such key factors as having a bathroom, a cabin or air conditioning can all play into your choice of vessel to cross the Bahamas in. Being comfortable on your trip and traveling during good weather in essential in making your crossing safe and enjoyable. You may also bring up to 1 liter of hard liquor and 2 lbs of tobacco. Any firearms or pets require special paperwork which can be requested by contacting the Bahamian embassy in the United States.

Your boat must be large enough and built well to handle the open ocean during rough weather. The boat must also be large enough and heavy enough to safely carry the equipment and supplies you’ll need for the trip. Boats built to make offshore fishing trips are usually excellent choices, with center console hulls built for deep sea fishing and cruising, while still shallow enough to enter some places during low tide.

Most people making the crossing to the pink beaches of Harbour Island do prefer an interior cabin space to allow anchorage. In a good protected harbor, this can an exceptional experience for vacationing off an island cay.

Speed is also an important factor in your travels to the islands. A boat traveling at six knots will require most of the day to get from Florida to the Western Bahamas. This isn’t only because of the speed, but because of the effect of the powerful northerly Gulf Stream current on against the slow-speed and displacement of the hull.

The boat may need several days of good weather to reach Harbour Island in the Bahamas. A boat traveling at around 25 knots can reach the western islands of the Bahamas in a couple of hours and Nassau in half a day.

Although a faster boat allows you to maximize your time, make sure not to rush. The best thing about the Bahamas is to enjoy doing nothing. Cross over to the Bahamas safely and in comfort. Paradise is right on the other side of the channel.