Nightlife in Harbour Island in the Bahamas can really bring the evening to life! Islanders and tourists alike know how to thoroughly enjoy the pink sand beaches of Harbour Island. When your staying at a Bahamas vacation rental, that doesn’t mean your day stops when the sun goes down at home! Harbour Island knows how to party, and natives keep the evening going all night long.

Evening hangout spots range from your typical Bahamian sleepy bar with live music, to a full out disco tech with dance floor. Whatever your style may be, there’s entertainment available at all hours of the night.  

Though few and far between, the choices of dancing the night away are readily available. Recommended clubs and night sports are as follows:

  1. Gusty’s Bar
  2. Daddy D’s
  3. Beyond the Reef
  4. Driftwood Bar and Grill (Spanish Wells).