Visit the Exhumas, an island paradise known for its white sandy beaches and gorgeous coral reefs, and you’ll think your in heaven. But take a short boat ride to nearby Big Major Cay; and you’ll find a surprise that seems out of this world. The Exumas has over 365 islands in the Bahamas, and this one is famous for one unique animal that calls its sunny shores home.

As you approach the island, you will start to notice some strange inhabitants on the beach. You can’t help but wonder how these animals became so water friendly; as they approach your boat like a swimming dog. Just less than 50 years ago, the islanders released the pigs to live wild on the island. Today, there are dozens of wild pigs that swim freely without a care in the world for anything except tour boats. The animals survive off savenging.

As they have become an international wonder; protecting the pigs has become a priority for the local government. Due to the death of 7 pigs in the past two years, officials are concerned about their current safety and well being. An autopsy revealed that they suffered from sand ingestion. New efforts are being made to protect the animals while still allowing tourists to approach them with caution.

The friendly sea pigs are unique in that there is no other place in the world where they swim as wild and freely as Big Major Cay. Experiencing an animal as intelligent as a pig in a natural setting like a tropical beach is truly a special treat for any visitor to the islands.

Take a swim with a snorkel and jump on in. These guys are more friendly than your common dog, and willing to show it for food and companionship. Families and friends are asked to please respect a pig’s space; and not to touch the pig unless it comes up to you. We look forward to sharing this experience with you to help to make your swim with a pig the most unique animal experience you’ve ever had in the Bahamas (besides dolphins). We look forward to showing you these mythical pigs from the comfort of your own private boat and tour guide. Just remember to bring Marshmallows, that’s their favorite!