Preachers Cave is one of the most historically significant caves in all of the Bahamas. As the story goes, the cave on Harbour Island in the Bahamas was discovered by Captain William Sayles in the 1600’s. His vessel was stranded on Devils Backbone reef; and he was one of the first British residents of the Islands of the Bahamas! Till today you can still see the original placard he wrote into the side of the rocks along the cave’s wall.

There has been renewed interest in Preachers Cave after an archaeological dig, headed by the site’s Chief Archaeologist Bob Carr, unearthed remains of what is thought to be a Lucayan Indian lying close to the remains of a 350-year-old Eleutheran native. The Bahamian government said it hopes to convert the famous cave into a national park and historical site.

Preachers cave is located near the pink sands beaches of Harbour Island, on the north side of Eleuthera near Tay May Beach. To get there, take Queen’s Road through North Eleuthera till it ends. There you will find a sign that indicates Spanish Wells to the West and Preachers Cave to the East. If you look carefully, there is another sign that points to the North. Just follow the narrow path from the road that follows along the northern shore of Eleuthera.