Photo shoots in Harbour Island

Fashion shoots in Harbour Island happen during all seasons of the year. From Miss Universe contestants taking photos on the beach during summer; to Miss America contestants taking photos on the beach during winter, its a very popular place for amazing shots. If your a photographer and want photos that will last a lifetime, be sure to stop by Harbour Island in the Bahamas to get some of the best photos of your life. From the pink sands beaches to the historical colonial architecture, you can photograph so many things on such a small island. If your lucky enough to run into a professional shooting, feel free to see how the pro’s take their photos.


Safety in the Eleutheras, crime rate Zero

Unlike neighboring Miami, crime in the Bahamas is relatively low. The island is notorious for being one of the most peaceful communities in the Bahamas, if not the Caribbean. Sharing some of the crime statistics for the island of Eleuthera, Commissioner Ferguson revealed that issues still exist.

Robbery for example remained at 0 in 2017 but climbed to 2 in 2018, reflecting a slight increase. He opined that the island was trending in the right direction in most areas, stating, “Murder, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, Attempted Rape and Armed Robbery remained at 0 for both 2017 and 2018, which is very good! Rape cases have continued to decrease from 5 in 2017 to 2 in 2018; a reduction of 60%!” Encouragingly though, in 2018, the island experienced reductions of 36% in Burglary, 5% in Housebreaking, 50% in Stealing From Vehicles and 100% in Stolen Vehicles.

All and all, all forms of crime continue to depreciate. This shows a sense of true community in the Islands, as neighbors truly are neighborly. Planning a trip to Eleuthera has never been more desirable with the true sense of safety and security that Bahamian officials and resorts offer clients.

Eleuthera Real Estate News

2018 was another strong year for luxury residential real estate sales with prices averaging $1.55 million and sales averaging around $1.4 million.

There has been a significant increase in demand for homes in the Family Islands. “Markets like Harbour Island, Kamalame Cay, Hope Town and Spanish Wells are ideal entry markets into The Bahamas for foreigners. People come down for vacation enjoyed their experience so much that they return to buy a piece of paradise.

The increase in visitors and buyers in both Nassau and the surrounding islands may be due to the increased number of direct flights from the U.S. and Canada. Major airlines such as American, Delta and Jetblue offer daily flights to The Bahamas.

The lifestyle of The Bahamas has always been desirable to foreigners due to the fact it is an English-speaking country with a strong economy. Growing demand for unique resort-style residential properties has increased. Private resort rentals has also skyrocketed, such as the Palmeraie Resort in Harbour Island.

For a lifestyle to live or visit part time, the Bahamian people are constantly improving their quality of life, living standards and economic growth. There is always new and fresh inventory to explore in Harbour Island and Eleuthera, which makes it a very prosperous market to live, work and invest in.