Jet Ski Rentals are readily available on the pink sand beaches of Harbour Island. A quick walk down to the beach from your Hotel on Harbour Island in the Bahamas will bring you upon the most beautiful pink sand beach in the whole world.

Renting a Jet Ski is easier now than ever! With some safety guidelines to be followed; the entire ride can be shared with your significant other by renting a two seater. Hitting the waves has never been so much fun! Harbour Island rental companies request that you adhere to their strict guidelines about safety first.

Standard guidelines include:

  1. Stay in the designated zone upon departing the beach: This is for your safety to avoid any impact of coral heads. Doing so also allows other visitors to avoid injury.

      2. Do not hit the waves too fast or at a sharp angle: This can cause your Jet Ski to lose control and swerve, flip, or even collide with a nearby object in the water.

      3. Always look out for nearby or protruding objects in the water:  You do not want to get injured by simply not noticing something right in front of your path.

      4. Slow down when returning to the beach:  Speed plays a negative factor when approaching shallow water.

      5. Return to shore: Always look at your surroundings before heading back to shore. Be sure if your with a friend that you return together relative to each others original departure.

Jet Skis can be the highlight of your trip for  active water sports when used properly. It is advised that you take beginners or refreshers course if you do not know how to use the Jet Ski properly.