The Royals of Great Britain have frequently visited Harbour Island over the decades. Prince Harry was last on the island in 2012.Queen Elizabeth came to the islands in the late 90’s; and India Hicks (a first cousin of Prince Charles) lives on the island full time. If you happen to have the honor to visit the island at the same time as a true royal, be sure to take it all in! Such events usually happen only once every decade.

The Queen of England has the royal title as Queen of the Bahamas, a relatively symbolic role. The history of the islands and Great Britain goes back to its founding days as a colony of England. The islands have for centuries provided safe refuge for visiting vessels, as well as sugar cane and rum exports to London. The exquisite link between these two nations is not just the people, but the cultures. The country has always flown a British flag alongside the Bahamian flag to honor its unique past.

Of all the islands in the Caribbean, the Bahamas offers the highest GDP in the region, as well as lowest unemployment rate and strong upper middle class and tourist funded economy. Britain has taken a leave of absence over ruling the islands since independence; while still keeping close ties with friendly natives. It is of relevance that the local economy stays strong even during a global recession due to the strong tourism industry and simply gorgeous weather that attracts visitors at all times of the year.