Sailing around Harbour Island in the Bahamas is one of the most spectacular experiences you can’t afford to miss. Enjoy the day out sailing, snorkeling, beachcombing, and relaxing on the most beautiful turquoise waters you ever seen! Harbour Islands pink sands offers the perfect vista from which to enjoy the view from the sea. You will also be able to take great pictures of the Bahamas that you just can’t get on land!

When setting Sail from your villa rental in the Bahamas, you’ll need to take a quick golf cart ride down to the marina. From there, you’ll have many captains and vessels to choose from to embark from the docks onto your seaworthy adventure.

Sailing is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. People who sail all around the world do it daily, and love the rush of the wind and feeling free out on the open ocean. For more novice sailors, just getting your feet wet and a taste of learning how to hold the rudder, or pull the jib sail, is all part of the learning process in making a person a pro.

Harbour Island in Bahamas has vacation rentals that usually come with some sort of sailing option, either discounted or for a slight additional cost to your stay. You can rent from private charters or go directly through your resorts recommendations for who to hire.

Check out the local docks at the marina first to see if you have any friendly captains that may offer you a better deal than their competition. Be sure to take a map of Harbour island with you; as your captain is sure to show you some historical spots that you may want to mark on your notes.

Local places where you can rent a sailboat for a half day/full day charter include:

  1. Northrop Johnson – (401) 848-5540
  2. World Wide Yacht Charters – (305) 396-6996
  3. Valentines Resort and Marina – (866) 389-6864
  4. Bahamas Adventure Tours – (242) 365-8044
  5. Michael’s Cycles – (242) 464-0994