Sapphire hole is a two-acre area that contains an inland blue hole on the island of Eleuthera near Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Located only one mile from the beach, it is one of Eleuthera’s most famous sights.

It’s full of tropical fish and other forms of wildlife like sea birds and crustaceans. Local tradition has it that this legendary body of water has no bottom and has supernatural healing powers. The government designated it as a protected body of water in 1970. People who frequent Sapphire hole often tell new visitors about its protected status, as fishing is not allowed.

The hole is one of the most famous Bahamas pictures you can take while visiting Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Don’t be shy to jump in, as it’s truly refreshing. The jump itself is about 20 feet and given the clarity of the water it feels much higher. To climb out there is by a rope, which will  help guide you up the sides. Wearing rubber soled water shoes is highly recommended.

The Bahamian government wants to install more signage, safety features, and waste receptacles. Seacology is funding these improvements. This work will help ensure that the park will be a safe area for recreational activities and marine education for generations to come.

Visit Blue Hole today and see what an amazing experiences this majestic natural wonder can offer you. To get there, take a right at the northern end of the Queens Highway towards Preachers Cave. After about 2 kilometers; there is a sign and a dirt pathway to your right. Walk 500 meters down that track the sink hole will be on your right.

Make sure to visit the hole with friends and family, as a quick dip or snorkel is well worth visiting to take the best photos of the Bahamas nature can offer.