Setting Sail to the Bahamas is one of the most exceptional experiences nature loves and marine enthusiasts can enjoy when embarking on a journey to Harbour Island from Miami. The trip by sailboat takes about half a day; but is well worth the patience.

When embarking on a trip to Harbour Island in the Bahamas, it is wise to plan well your entire itinerary in order to cross cautiously and arrive at your destination. Sailing with a crew makes the journey a little easier; although going it alone with your first mate may also be desirable and a more economical option.

Having all safety precautions on your vessel; including a life raft, life jackets and emergency beacon are all necessities. The weather is usually calm; but depending on what time of year you choose to travel, weather conditions can deteriorate. Keep your eye on the weather forecast.

Once you have arrived at Harbour Islands beautiful pink sands beach, be sure to dock your boat at the local marina; or find a hidden cove that offers secure protection to your vessel. Note that if you plan on tying your sailboat for the night; be sure to remember there is a dockage fee based on your sailboats size. If you wish not to pay a fee, you can simply anchor off shore and use a skiff to get to your destination.

Harbour Island Bahamas hotels and resorts are also available for your stay if you wish not to sleep aboard your vessel.