Tipping the the Bahamas is not nearly as uncommon as it used to be. With many Americans owning second homes in the Bahamas, and more tourists visiting the remoteness of these beautiful islands; tipping has become the norm.

A tip is advised for all services you attain while being on vacation. It’s not only the proper thing to do, its polite. Tipping has become the industry standard in much of the world. The reality is that tipping is no less common today than paying a tax on your bill. It is also a kind way to say thank you to your server.

If going out to a restaurant for an evening; the recommended tip is 18 % to your server. If drinks or a large party are included; we recommend tipping 18-20 %. Usually a 15 % service charge is automatically included at most restaurant establishments in the Bahamas. If not, please remember to be gracious for the service you have received. As for Bar tipping, the general rule is one dollar per drink.

When tipping at a hotel, such as for a porter helping you with your luggage; one should tip about one dollar per bag. For a host/hostess offering you advice for your night out; its recommended to tip at least $ 5 dollars. For maid services, we recommend around $2 dollars per day. Any leftover change or coinage should be left behind as a thank you for the hotels service help.

A tour guide during your stay should be tipped around 5-10 % for their time and expertise in showing you around the local area. Although it is not mandatory to tip, we highly recommend doing so if you plan on returning for a future tour with the guide or relative company. The same applies for any hairdressing or salon services; around 5-10 % for their time.

Any other forms of gratuity to consider during your trip can include your taxi driver, boat ride to Harbour Island; or other services such as an adventure sports guide tour or your captain from a fishing trip. Whatever your occasion, tipping is the right thing to do and shows your graciousness for the experience you have just encountered. Forget to tip, and you may not have such a pleasant experience on your next visit.