The Tropic of Cancer Beach offers sparkling white sand that curves gently along the coast. Its pristine turquoise blue waters shimmer in the sunlight like a crashing wave makes a rainbow. The azul waters are crystal clear and make for fantastic swimming. The off-shore rock formations make for unbelievable pictures of the Bahamian coastline and cliff diving. 

Tropic Of Cancer Beach brings visitors an idyllic and relaxing escape, due to the fact that the region surrounding the beach is about as remote as you can get. The reason it’s called Cancer beach is due to its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer line circling the globe. This line intersects the island and literally splits the Tropical from Sub Tropical regions (south to north). This very important line physically shows where the weather shifts from cooler temperatures in the winter, to just plain hot and sticky weather.

If you want to experience one of the top ten rated beaches in the Bahamas, be sure to stop by Tropic Cancer Beach to see how grandiose this beach truly is. It is a once in a lifetime location you should definitely put on your bucket list.