Walking around Harbour Island Bahamas house rentals offers a picturesque view of the island at a comfortable speed. With the island only being 3 miles long, you would think theres not alot to see; but you’d be wrong. From a downtown shopping district to miles of pink sands beaches in Harbour Island, there’s plenty to see around “Briland”.

Take a stroll down by the docks and see the catch of the day. Perhaps you would prefer to give your loved one a history lesson and show them all the architectural wonders of 19th century British colonial architecture. Surely a pirates tale by Preachers Cave, or spending a day on the beach looking for treasure from a lost spanish galleon may be a fun activity to try.

The amount of things to see on Harbour Island just by walking around are unique for its small size. That’s because Eleuthera and specifically Harbour Island has something special about it.
It was the first island in the Bahamas to be colonized by the British, thus being one of the oldest continuously occupied islands in the Bahamas.

With all its natural beauty and splendor; Harbour Island in the Bahamas offers ideal photos of the Bahamas you just can’t take anywhere else. Not only does Harbour Island have the best sand in the country, but the turquoise waters are just a little clearer, the waves are just a little calmer, and the cocktails are just that much better! Everything about Harbour Island is superior compared to the rest. Their simply is no comparison.