Weather in the Bahamas is usually sunny and beautiful; but that doesn’t mean foul weather will not affect your vacation. Pleasant times to travel to Harbour Island range from November till late May. Between the months of May and October, the weather can be more rainy than other months; with July being the rainiest month of the year.

Temperature wise, January is usually the coldest time of year… with weather dipping into the upper 60’s as the average high. August is usually the hottest month, with temperatures soaring to the upper 90’s as the average high. Don’t let the 90’s fool you though, as summer evening temperatures can dip to as low as the upper 70’s. However, If you’re looking for a more pleasant temperature during your vacation, we highly recommend winter months being more ideal time of year.

Winter is short (January through March), and the time to travel during the cooler months is rather limited. If you wish to enjoy the nicer temperatures, we recommend travel dates between January and March.

Summer storms can peak during late fall (as late as November), and it is highly recommended that you survey your travel dates carefully and be aware of all weather updates during storm season. If you wish to travel during the off season, the best months to travel would have to be between April and July.

Anytime between early August and November is more risky for hurricane seasonal weather. We strongly recommend being vigilant in making any rental decisions during these specific months.

Travel on these dates is not an issue, just move forward toward your dates with caution.